Finding Top High Speed Internet Providers

I do not know if it is true, but I have heard rumors that super high speed internet is now available in my area, and that is something that I would really be interested in getting, as long as it is affordable. I could afford to pay for just about any connection in theory, but I am not the type of person who is willing to spend more than a product or service is worth, just to be able to have it. That is just a principle and how I live my life.

But I would love to have as fast of an internet connection as possible, and that is the truth.

Bushido: The Japanese Warrior’s Code of Honor

Bushido, which translates from Japanese to “military scholar road,” is the warrior code of honor and lifestyle for the samurai class of Japan. Bushido is similar in some ways to the Western ideal of chivalry, which was prominent throughout the Medieval ages in Europe. Bushido, however, lived on through the samurai class until as recently as the early 1900s. Bushido is a modern term used to describe all the factors that encompassed samurai life, stressing virtues of martial prowess, humility, service, duty, and honor. Bushido draws many inspirations from Shinto and Zen doctrines, encouraging self-restraint and frugality as lifestyle choices.


The combination of a serene inner peace and a violent warrior nature is a key characteristic of bushido. Although the term itself is more modern in origin, the practice it describes reaches as far back as the eighth century. Bushido became a truly symbolic aspect of samurai (and by extension Japan) during the Sengoku (or Warring States) period. During the Sengoku period, Japan was split up into smaller holdings ruled by daimyo, which were a class of samurai nobility. Warlords attempted to conquer neighboring territories until the reunification in the seventeenth century.


Bushido and the Sword

A samurai was, in many ways, defined by the sword. Samurai could be easily distinguished from other classes by the two swords they carried – a longsword and shortsword worn together on one side of the waist. However, the relationship of the samurai to the sword goes much deeper than simply a badge of office – samurai were expected to master the art of swordplay as well as a variety of other weapons, from the longbow to the spear and more.


There are many types of swords of the East, but perhaps most famous of all is the katana. The process for forging katana requires a very specific method for smelting the iron into a particular alloy, followed by a rigorous smithing phase using a full team of artisans. The steel for katanas is folded onto itself repeatedly, using alternating layers of soft and strong metal, then hammered into its final shape. The process of forging the katana also carried significant spiritual weight, and each blade would be bound to the samurai for which it was forged as part of his or her code.


The Life of a Samurai

Samurai could fill a number of different positions within society, but were often court retainers, diplomats, warlords, and managers. Samurai women were usually responsible for managing their household, hiring servants, handling finances, educating children, and defending the home when necessary. Female samurai were usually trained in knife-fighting as well as in the use of naginata, a long spear with a single edged blade.


Marriages were arranged by a samurai of equal or higher rank, though for lower-ranking samurai this was largely a formality. Marrying across classes was much rarer in the upper echelons of society, while lower class samurai could marry commoners without incident.

Companies That Develop WordPress Sites

I have just started a WordPress site, with the intention of using it for my business. But I can’t really figure out how to make a good site through this interface. I thought it would be simple, but it is apparently more difficult than I was expecting it to be. I have no idea what I am doing, and I do not really have the time to try to figure it out. Instead, I am looking at this WordPress maintenance company, and I think that I might have to hire them to further develop the website.

I have a few functions that I want the site to be able to do. But beyond that, I mostly just want the site to look good.